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Business Terms


Performance location


  • If the event is outdoors, the vendor/client must secure a backup plan to protect the harp in case of very hot sun, strong wind, or any rain. It is safest to plan to position the harp under a covering (tent, porch, etc.).

  • If no backup plan is in place and inclement weather conditions make it impossible to complete the performance, the harpist shall nevertheless be paid the full contract price.

  • Pedal harp (large harp): The performance location must be handicap-accessible, due to the size and nature of the harp. One or two steps at a doorway will not cause a problem, but the harp cannot be moved up a flight of stairs or across rough terrain.

  • Lever Harp (small harp): This harp is easily carried so no handicap accessibility is required.


Payment policy


  • Full payment in cash or check is due at the time of the event

  • Alternatively, the client(s) may make arrangements to provide payment in advance

  • Late fees will be incurred if payment is not received within five business days after the event.


Travel time


  • If the event location is over 40 miles from harpist’s home, a travel fee will be charged. The travel fee will be incurred at a set rate of $20/hr round trip outside of the 40-mile mark.


Cancellation policy


  • Deposit is non-refundable in the case of client cancellation (at any time).

  • If the client(s) cancel any time within two weeks (14 days) prior to the event, 50% of the balance will be charged and is due by the day the event had been scheduled.

  • If harpist is unable to fulfill obligations for any reason, harpist will secure a substitute harpist to perform as scheduled.

  • In the unlikely event that a substitute harpist cannot be secured, deposit will be refunded to client and no balance charges will be incurred.      


Changes to program


  • For all events excluding funeral or memorial services, all musical selections and their order in the program must be finalized a minimum of 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event. The only acceptable change following these dates will be to remove a musical selection from the program. 


Length of event


  • Overtime rate is $75 per half hour, payable at the conclusion of the event.

  • If event is over two hours long, the harpist will take a 10-minute break every hour.


Signed contract


  • The client(s) and harpist will be required to agree upon and sign a legal contract outlining the services required, all contact information, fees, and the above business terms. The contract is subject to change and additional charges may be incurred if the clients request additional services, change the services prior to the above deadlines, increase travel time, or if unusual circumstances arise not provided for in this contract. This can be completed electronically or by mail.


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